Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Now It's Hard

Ugh.  Cravings galore.  Hunger.  Must... persevere!!  This is not the fun part.  I am still motivated, but I really, really, really want food I'm not supposed to be eating.  Those potatoes I made for Easter?  Yep, they're calling my name.  I didn't eat many of them on Easter and I did have a small portion today.  It's a gateway drug and I must resist.  Embracing the hunger....resisting the cheesy, creamy potatoes...  I think I'll go have a glass of water...



  1. Stick with it! You're doing great, and the cravings DO subside as your body gets used to not having all the bad stuff. Eventually you'll notice all the benefits, and it will all be worth it.