Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Back into the Saddle

Okay.  I fell off the proverbial wagon.  I ate super yummy delicious food that I know I should not be eating right now if I'm ever going to lose more weight.  What can I say?  The past few weeks have been stressful and something had to give.

Ahhhhh, there it is.  The one thing I didn't think I did: stress eating.  But apparently I do.  Why choose an apple when I can have a cinnamon roll?  (BTW, you don't have to answer that question, I know the correct answer)  Why choose a salad when you can have pasta - well, okay, I had salad AND pasta AND a slice of pizza last night.  I should have known that I do this stress eating when one night I was having a tiff with a friend and stood at the counter shoving mounds of cottage cheese and Trader Joe's veggie chips into my mouth (yes, I know, I could have been eating worse things, but my goal is to not eat at night, especially 10:30 p.m.).

Life is stressful and most of the time, eating healthfully doesn't seem like the thing to counter the stress. Why do we turn to "comfort foods?"  It must be the hormones that are triggered, the feelings of happiness and euphoria when certain foods are eaten... I'm looking at you, carbs...

I can't always exercise the stress away, especially after a long exhausting day when I get home after 9 p.m.  Running really isn't an option at night for me.  One, it's not safe and two, I get all energized and can't sleep.  Yoga is always an option, but for me, it takes a bit of mental acuity to do it and at 9 p.m., I just don't have it.

So, I think I'm going to start down the path of guided meditation.  Put down the piece of bread and move into Lotus position on the floor.  Deep breaths.  Let your mind go. Soften your eyes. And all that stuff.  I'm ready.

Part two of my great adventure of being able to wear a miniskirt starts now.  My 35th birthday is one week away.  It's time to get back into the saddle.

Oh, and according to Dick's Sporting Goods, Happy National Runner's Month!  Now come buy some shoes and sports bras!  Ha!

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