Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hiking and Rock Climbing with the Vibram Five-Fingers

Today I tried out my shoes while hiking at Vasquez Rocks.  The company wasn't kidding when they said these are true rock climbing shoes.  I felt like Spiderman!  I clung to the rocks as I made my way up and down the steep rock formations that my boys just had to climb.  Also, after a night dancing in four inch wedge heels, it was soothing to let my feet connect to the ground again with just a thin layer of rubber separating me from the dirt.  I did have to pay a little more attention to where I stepped so that I wouldn't get a sharp rock or worse yet, glass, poking my feet, but that was alright.  My feet were happy.

I am looking forward to hiking many more trails in my shoes.  It's such great, and really different, exercise for my legs.  After seeing a woman with my body type wearing an awesome pair of short shorts at the club I went to last night, I know I can do this.  Her legs looked phenomenal and so shall mine.  They are already changing, but I have to keep at it.  Happy trails to me!

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