Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Day, a New Blog!

Check it out, my followers!  I started a second blog called The Domestic Goddess.  I'm constantly stating - okay, bragging (modesty and I mix as well as oil and water) - about what I'm cooking and baking on Facebook, and have had many requests for recipes, so I decided that since summer's here and I need a project, let's start a blog about food!

I will be the first to admit that not all the recipes are healthful living friendly, but everything in moderation.  I refuse to use anything but real butter in baking, unless it is a recipe that actually tastes good with a substitution like unsweetened applesauce.  Generally when you use substitutions, they don't really taste like the real thing, in my honest opinion.  My advice?  Eat that one cookie made with real butter!  You just need to use your willpower to not eat the whole batch.  Luckily, I have a team of hungry guys here who will eat the rest of the cookies so I don't!  And it's still better than the processed junk in the supermarket that barely passes off as "food."  I know what ingredients are in my baked goods.

Anyway, check the blog often for great recipes.  I most likely will get started next week after my final grades are turned in.  Until then...


  1. You know, I was thinking of doing a similar blog as a summer project, only it would focus on cooking with a very small "student-sized" apartment. This means no oven, only a toaster over, and utilizing appliances like the crock pot, stove top, blender, etc.

    BTW, I love some of your recipies!

  2. You should do it! I think that there are lots of people in your situation or cook just for themselves.

  3. I'm so for it. Both blogs. The existing one and the one that SHOULD happen. Word.