Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day = Beach

Today we ventured out to the beach.  Great idea, Em!  How novel!  The beach on Memorial Day!  It won't be busy at all!  Hahaha!  Yeah... I wasn't laughing.  I've never seen Malibu so busy in all my years living in Southern California.  It was more than nuts.  Just as I was ready to throw in the beach towel, we found a sliver of sand (albeit at the bottom of some steep rocks) right off the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County.  We made our way down the treacherous non-path and once we were there with blanket spread and chairs in the sand, I relaxed.  I played frisbee with the kids.  I helped bury Ian in the sand.  I watched Gabriel not be so afraid of the Pacific Ocean.  It was heavenly.

But what's even better is that I found a bathing suit I liked that fits my body well as it is right now on clearance.  And I wore it today at the beach.  It was liberating.  My body is looking better than it has in a long time and I wasn't self-conscious about my legs today at all.  I was conscious of them in the way that I thought they actually looked good for once.  I even told Dana that I might buy a pair of shorts this week when I'm shopping for the kids.  The miniskirt will come in a little bit, but the fact remains is that I'm getting there.  Little by little, workout by workout, mile ran by mile ran, I'm getting into shape and getting healthy.

Summer has arrived with the passing of Memorial Day.  Let it be a glorious one!

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