Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Bought A Skirt Today

Today I went out with my family to the mall.  I had a goal of buying a pair of shorts and some capri pants.  Now capri pants are nothing major, but for those of you who really know me, buying shorts is nothing less than a miracle.  Even considering buying shorts is a pretty big deal.  Anyway, we ventured out and within five minutes, I found shorts for the boys that they wanted to get, and they really, really needed new shorts.  That left me with the task of finding appropriate summer-wear for myself.  Sigh.  Okay, so off to the women's section of Old Navy - hey, I'm not buying expensive clothes until I hit my goal weight - and I venture into the jeans section.  I could not find one pair of jean capris in my size anywhere.  Alright, let's try the back of the store.  I found racks and racks of cotton capri pants, but there were very few I liked and very few in my size.  What the hell?  Seriously, it's like there was a run on my size today (and, no, I'm not telling you what it is).  Anyhow, I chose one pair of capri pants, two pairs of shorts and.... a SKIRT to try on.  The capris were a no-go, one pair of shorts, um, yeah, not happening, and the skirt?  Amazing.  I still contend that I have the shortest legs that a 5'5" person can have, but my legs looked halfway decent in this skirt and the other pair of shorts were not half bad.  Yes, yes, "halfway decent" and "not half bad" are all you're going to get out of me right now - they are fairly common Minnesotan-isms for sure, dont'cha know?  I am actually looking forward to wearing my new skirt, but, of course, I'm going to need some new shoes as well.  At least buying shoes is a delightful task.  The shoe always fits...

I'll post a pic of me in my new skirt when I find said new shoes to go with.  I'm practicing my Minnesotan here, so you're going to have to cut me some slack.  Ah, good old "go with"...

Oh, and $4.95 shirts at H&M?  Yeah, I was all over that today, too.

Yay summer!

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