Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Seratonin

Ahhhhhh!  My body knows what it needs and I'm glad I listened to it.  I was still feeling pretty crummy after work and I had to pick up my son for his cello lesson.  I decided to put my workout clothes and running shoes on so that when I got home around 5:30, I could eat dinner and get that run in.  I was planning on napping in the car while Ian had his lesson.

I quickly changed my mind once Ian was out of the car.  There is a nice park near his teacher's house near the mountains, so I decided to run.  I am so incredibly glad I did.  It's a gorgeous day in Los Angeles. I'm sure those of you reading out-of-state are saying, "when is it not a gorgeous day in L.A?" Mid-70s, sunny - a stereotypical day.  Anyway, this park is great because it is not flat, there are lots of changes in elevation.  I practiced my Pose Method of running especially on the decline to get used to my positioning.  I alternated running with walking, but I could run a lot further today than I have before with my new shoes!  Yay!  It means my body is adjusting to this new way of running.

I got in about three miles in 25 minutes, so I'm very happy.  My anxious feelings are completely gone.  Seratonin is a miracle worker.  And according to Gabriel, I smell like plants - grin!

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